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We will reveal to you a simple and powerful strategy to increase visitors to your website. These are not sneaky tricks or other 'black hat' techniques that will get you banned by search engines: We will provide your with unique, key word rich content that is visible to the search engines.

These are the advantages when you add Audio Books to your website:

  • Earn a generous commission of 10 to 20% on each sale
  • Add relevant, keyword rich content to your website
  • Get more listings with the search engines
  • increase the number of visitors to your website

Audio books used to be only kid's stuff - You know the cassettes that kids love to listen to over and over and over again..... Not anymore! This was before everybody had an iPod, Zune or other MP3 player, and people who wanted to listen to an audio book had to carry CD's or even audio cassettes and heavy players that did not run very long on one set of batteries.

Audio Books - One of the fastest growing markets in digital delivery:

Today this is not an issue anymore. Just load a file to your MP3 player and you'll be listening to it on one set of batteries for 12 to 20 hours! It's difficult to get exact figures about the sales volume in the audio book market, here's what I found: Audio books' share of fiction and poetry sales has grown in Germany alone to approximately 160 million euros (that's about 200 million dollars). In the next few years the sales volume is growing rapidly.

The increasing demand for downloadable Audio Books is a massive trend that is gaining momentum as you read this!

Technology is driving demand: iPod - Zune - other MP3 players

This is what industry insiders have to say about audio books: "Talking books belong to the industry's growth segments. Driven by "Kino im Kopf" (german, loosely translated: "Imagine the movie as you're listening") alone, sales increased almost 20% in 2005 (compared to prior year) within book trade assortments, department stores and eCommerce. Double Your Time has become an established concept in our mobile society."

According to an Edison Report that is based on surveys in the U.S.A. in 2005 about 14% of the respondents owned an MP3 player. One year later at the same time in 2006 this figure had grown by 50%(!) and allready 22% of the respondents were owners of an MP3 player. This looks exactly like the start of the mobile phones trend about 10 to 15 years back: First only a few people, then more and finally everybody owned one or more mobile phones - now it'll be the MP3 players, iPods and Zunes. And this time you can be ready to supply this market right from the start:

You can ride this trend wave:

As a result of this rapid growth of players, the demand for good content increases. Can you respond to it and will you make money from it? Yes! We offer you good, actually excellent and very targetd content for your visitors: Audio Books! Our selection of way over 5'000 audio books right now is growing daily, as we are offered more and more audio books from reputable publishers.

Earn money and provide true value to your visitors:

If you own a web page that has a specific topic, we have a few audio books that will fit right into your niche and add good content to your website. Let's take golf - right now there are 17 great audios for golfers. Golfers usually are busy people, and if you offer an audio book that they can listen to as they drive to and from the golf range, they'll be ready to spend and buy it from you. An audio book on golf costs on average about 25$. You make 10 to 20% of that, that's 5$ every time a visitor buys a book, if they buy two (many buy even more at one shopping trip) you'll make 10$. Sell one audio book ever second day and make 75$ a month. That should pay for your server cost and then some. We are sure that you will sell much more that!

Earn money and make the Search Engines happy:

Search engines will love the new content that you'll have on your website too! To stay with the 17 golf books: We will produce 17 individual pages with one golf book each, with the description and a picture of the book, and add a few other related sports books with short excerpts to this page. You will get 17 pages that will have content on them that is unique, because we have such a large selection of audio books, that these pages will be unique. And the pages will hold your header graphic and blend in to your site, they are physical html, stored on your server and not some iframe of javascript trick that look good to visitors, but don't do anything for your Search Engine ranking.

An example of such a site, built in a single day, from research of audio books, to slightly adapting the raw HTML code that we supply. The pages look good, are SEO optimized (most probably some of the experts out there can do a lot better....) and are easy to navigate for a visitor: Foreign Language Courses on Audio Books. Looks nice, don't you think? - The Search engines thing that they are OK, allready 62 pages are in Google. That's pretty amazing - Check the registration date of the Domain...

Or an other site, this time about Health in General and Life Management as well as related titles - this one is a bit more mixed - was also set up in a day's time: Health Audio Books. This one was finished end of the first week in January 2007. Will be interesting to see how long it takes to get into the SE's!

What Audio Books will do for your Web Presence:

This is what will happen to your website when you add audio books and use the special techniques that we will reveal to you:

  • Spiders will come looking every day and deep spider your website
  • Search engines will list more of your web site's pages
  • Your website will be found for many more relevant long tail keywords
  • The content of your website will be relevant and interesting to visitors and search engines alike
  • The number of visitors to your website will increase

If this sounds like a traffic generation program to you, then you're not entirely wrong. Our Audio Books selling system is also a traffic generation program. But it's much more. Instead of you paying for the system, we actually pay you for the sales that will happen on your website. You are getting the best of two worlds: More traffic and a generous commission on audio books sales.

Why would we give this traffic generation system away?

We are in business to make money, just like you. For us it's highly attractive to offer audio books on relevant pages in the right context. Selling audio books by trying to dominate the key word 'audio books' is like swinning against a torrent. Selling audiobooks by putting them in the right context, showing the right titles to people who are interested in a specific topic is easier.

So you see, we are talking WIN-WIN here. You will get the benefit of better search engine presence and increased visitors - as well as the earnings from the sales that you will generate. We are able to place our audio books in the best possible context and get sales. In return we offer our system, support and content - you offer 'real estate' on your domain.

We feel this is fair deal and it will benefit both of us. If you feel the same way, contact us:

What to do next:

Do you want to know more about this great way of making big money with audio books and adding valuable content to your website that both your visitors and the search engines love?

You'll love the way this works for your web traffic and your income.

We're just starting and the final steps of setting up will be finished in a few days. There are a few things to do to get this baby on the road. So this web page is information and no frills. If you're interested, just fill in the form below. I'm looking forward to working with you!

Audio Books for any topic or keyword:

If your website is not about golf but about some other subject, below are a few additional examples of how many audio books for different topics we have (this is by far not an exhaustive list - just shoot me an email and I'll tell you what we have for your keywords) from reputed publishers like BBC, Hachette and others:

General categories:

  • Self help: about 200 titles
  • Business: about 150 titles
  • Foreign Language study about 150 titles

Selection of keywords

  • Horses: about 100 titles
  • Kitchen: about 20 titles
  • Marriage: about 180 titles
  • Korea: about 10 titles
  • French: about 100 titles
  • Spanish: about 70 titles

Start earning Big Money with Audi Books now:

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